Pray For Aliyah

Scriptures about Aliyah

Read the 161 passages on the Bible related to Aliyah – the return of the Jewish people to their promised land. Pray the Word, agree with what the Holy Spirit is doing, and cooperate with God! Share these passages and encourage a Jew to return.Take his hand, and help him give birth to God’s dream for his life!

Learn Why Pray For Aliyah

 In Hebrew the word used for the return is “aliyah” which means ascent. Always in the Scriptures when referring to the pilgrimage to Jerusalem the words used are “going up to Jerusalem”, as it is situated on the mountains. Why should the Jewish people return to their Land? ...

Home Group

We believe that Home Groups enable us to delve deeper into Bible study, and prayers for each other.
When you are in Jerusalem area, join us.

Jewish Family

Family is really what pleases our God!  Raising a family of 5 children in Jerusalem area, and seeking to follow God’s direction for everything we do, praying and worshiping the Lord in our home.